Even ‘America’ Cuts an Orange: “No Fear”

The Dutch national team has yet to make an impact at the World Championships in Qatar or against their upcoming opponent in the eighth final, the United States. SoccerNews.nl Team USA speaks with 106-time international Eric Wijnalda, who doesn’t mince words when it comes to the Orange.

Don’t be afraid of oranges

“Especially the match against Ecuador was very clear”, the former USA player (between 2000 and 2008) gets straight to the point: “It was clear that the Netherlands were not in shape and did not use their easy draw…”. The Orange have yet to make a good turn at the World Cup: “They don’t have the big names they had in the past. Except for some young talent (Cody Kakpo, ed.) it has been incredibly disappointing. America is not afraid of this team at all!

Wynalda isn’t afraid to make a prediction: “My expectation is that it will be a great match, with the USA beating the Netherlands 1-0.”

Will USA win 1-0 against Orange?

* Odds are subject to change.

Is Christian Pulisic in it?

To the outside world, all the attention regarding Team USA is on Christian Pulisic, who suffered an abdominal wall injury while scoring against Iran. How is the Chelsea winger? “Most likely, Christian will be there for the game, but in what position is unknown. I think we are better when he is on the pitch, but if he is not fit, Aaronson or Reyna are the best substitutes.

In fact, the attention Pulisic has garnered may be a bit unfair, Wynalda admits. After all, America’s midfield (with Weston McKenney and Tyler Adams) really makes an impression: “I think they’re underrated. And don’t forget about Musa, who plays a key role. They don’t care what people think of them and grab that understatement with both hands to prove the opposite.” . I think that’s a huge advantage!”

Groningen striker Ricardo Pepi

Finally: Ricardo Pepi, who is playing for FC Groningen on loan this season. was seen asThe next best thing‘From the US, but not part of national coach Greg Berhalter’s selection. Was it a surprise to the American people? “A lot is expected of him. His successes in the Eredivisie were not enough to convince the coach of his potential added value in Qatar.

Afraid of America?

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