EvdWL on Nintendo Direct, Starfield, Diablo IV, and Game Pass

EvdWL on Nintendo Direct, Starfield, Diablo IV, and Game Pass

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Today is not a warm Friday. The sun is shining, but after the thunder showers of the past few days, the temperature is a little cooler. On the one hand, the weekend promises to provide beach weather. Who knows, so it’s nice to be able to tune in to a nice weekend episode live. The weekly talk show in which we discuss the most important news of the past week. with each other and with the community. The JJ, Koos & Steve trio are ready to discuss a slew of topics with you in the next hour and a half. And of course we ask Stephen about his findings for this year’s E3. How do I test offers? But we’re also looking at news about the Xbox Game Pass price increase, announcements from the recent Nintendo Direct and life on the 1,000+ planets in Starfield. More than enough topics to start a discussion about this new episode of EvdWL.

What does Stephen think of Starfield?

“E3” is still fresh in the memory and there’s already news that there won’t be an official E3 for the next couple of years either. Who spread this news and do we believe this message? And then, it seems, Disney is only selling its IPs, the core of the company, to the highest bidder. Why do they do this? Is this the right course for this multinational company? You can see and hear the answers in this edition of Weekend Live.

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