Eva van de Wijdfven stops acting | stars

Eva van de Wijdfven stops acting |  stars

“I’ve been working on it for a while,” says the actress, known for her lead roles in the series, among other things. Donia and Daisy employment A’Dam & EVA “But sometimes you need something to break a certain pattern in yourself. That was an expedition Mine. When I came back, it was quite clear that I wanted to take a different path.”

Van de Wijdeven has already canceled two films to participate in the survival program. “And now I’ve only canceled three,” she laughs and puts her hand over her mouth. “It feels really good. It’s exciting of course, but I totally support it.”

Participation in Expedite Robinson Van de Wijdvin says she also has an affair with her one-year-old son. “I really wanted to make a new change and be a better mother. Before leaving, I made good arrangements with my dad, so that I could be sure that things were going well at home while I was away. Looking back, it was definitely the right choice. When I came back, my son was happy Too much to see me again.”

Eva van de Wijdeven hacked her role as Desie in the teen series Donia and Daisy. She also became famous thanks to the TV series A’Dam & EVAAnd many award winning films. This is how it was seen in the thriller night The Alex Van Warmerdam Black Comedy The Last Days of Emma Blank, Schneider vs Bucks employment Burgmann. The latter was nominated for the Golden Palm Award.

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