Euvgenia Parakhina wants you to think you can dance again on TV

Euvgenia Parakhina

Euvgenia Parakhina thinks it’s time for the dance show So You Think You Can Dance to return to TV. It annoys her very much because there is so little interest in dancing on TV.

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Dance shows have never been very successful, but if you think you can dance, you’ve done well for a few years. Euvgenia Parakhina has been a member of the jury for a while and is hoping that the show will return to television. Right now, she’s busy with something else first.

“So you think that Trag!”

Euvgenia in Weekend magazine: There’s a TV show that comes out with music, singing, and art, but I can’t say anything about that yet. No, there is no dancing. There’s still very little interest in it, which I think is pretty bad. It’s now been ten years since we last did, so you think you can dance.”

It’s time for RTL to make another version, says Euvgenia. “There is a new generation of dancers, but no one would dare approach these people and do something with them.”


She believes that the TV show is completely unbalanced. “There is a surplus of singing talent shows. You have both The Voice, I can see your voice, Search Op for K3, you name it, it’s all about singing. Very beautiful, but in Holland we have a lot of talented dancers, the strongest in the world, and that in different ways.”

You had a dance marathon. “I thought this had nothing to do with dancing. It was more about people’s stamina, how long they could go without sleep? They needed dancers for that, but then again, it wasn’t the quality of the dance.”

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