European stocks fall after US jobs report – VNL

European stocks fall after US jobs report - VNL

Amsterdam (AB) – European stock markets retreated one step on Friday. The US government’s disappointing work report has created uncertainty about economic growth. After those figures came out, the AEX code dropped significantly, but then there was some recovery. However, the hunt for the 800-point limit should be halted for a while.

The AEX index on Perspline 5 finally closed at 789.55 points, minus 0.5 percent. Midcap was down 0.11 percent at 111.80 points. London, Frankfurt and Paris stock markets lost 1.1 percent.

Chip company ASMI was the biggest surge in the AEX with a gain of 0.7 percent, but industrialist FC was the biggest loser. The company lost nearly 3 percent. DSM announced the purchase of dairy-based flavor supplier First Choice products for $ 453 million. This resulted in less profit for the company.


The oil and gas group shell lost 1.4 percent. More and more pension funds are stopping their investments in the fossil fuel industry. Horeca & Catering Pension Fund has previously announced that it will discontinue its investments. Now BME, one of the largest pension funds, is leaving oil and gas.

Air France-KLM was down 1.8 percent. KLM has announced that it will not be flying to the United States in many ways in the future due to some excitement from the United States due to strict travel rules. German airline Lufthansa (minus 0.9 percent) has previously indicated that it does not expect European passengers to relax. The Atlantic Ocean is important for the revenue model of many European airlines.

Car industry

The focus was also on the German car industry. Request a request from BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen Greenpeace and environmental NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH). Complainants believe that car manufacturers are doing too little to combat climate change. Environmental clubs are particularly concerned that companies are not stepping up their efforts to combat emissions. In Frankfurt, Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW lost 2.3 percent.

The euro was valued at $ 1.1881, up against $ 1.1861 a day earlier. US oil fell 0.6 percent to $ 69.58 a barrel. Brent oil is 0.3 percent cheaper at $ 72.85 a barrel.

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