European Commission demands sanction against Poland over controversial disciplinary chamber

European Commission demands sanction against Poland over controversial disciplinary chamber

The European Commission is going to the European Court of Justice to demand a fine against Poland. According to the commission, the country has not shown that it will end the controversial disciplinary chamber for judges.

Poland and the Legation had been in conflict for some time over the independence of the Polish judiciary. The Disciplinary Chamber should consist primarily of judges who have criticized the government and reforms. This is a thorn in the side of the European Commission, which stands for the independence of the judiciary. Earlier this year, the European Court of Justice ruled that the Disciplinary Chamber was in violation of European law.

The fact that the commission is now taking this step shows how relations with Poland have deteriorated in recent years. Usually, when a country breaks the rules, the commission tries to find a way out through a diplomatic route. But it seems that the time for talk is over and the commission has invented the heaviest guns to defend against Poland.


Last month, Poland said to retract, that the disciplinary chamber will be dismantled. It now appears that the Committee is not satisfied with this. Poland would not have properly explained how the Disciplinary Chamber would be dismantled.

In addition, the country will still be violating European rules. For example, according to the commission, Poland recently launched a disciplinary case against a judge. European Commissioner Didier Reynders said: “I have always said that the Commission will not hesitate to take the necessary measures to implement European laws.”

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Exceptional penalty amount

The European Court of Justice will consider the case again and may impose a penalty. Poland will then receive a fine that increases every day as long as it does not comply with European legislation. When determining the amount of the fine, the judge considers the severity of the violation and the country’s GDP.

According to Polish Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kalita, the European Commission is illegally blocking funds in Poland. He calls it “Acts of Aggression” on Twitter. He said that after the joint budget was approved, the EU institutions would embark on an “unlawful attack”.

Often no penalty is imposed on a country within the European Union. The first and last time was Poland, too. The state had to pay a fine for Cutting down trees in the Primary Forest. Poland was then fined 100,000 for each day it was cut.

Once again, the commission wants Poland to be fined daily. It will become clear in the coming weeks whether and how high the fine will be imposed.

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