EU to start consultation in 2023 to let tech companies pay for network – IT Pro – News

These are assumptions you may be wondering how true they are,

It’s easy to find the highest bandwidth on Netflix. Or you should think that Netflix is ​​not about streaming but the homepage will attract half the European traffic.

Of course, not only does Netflix attract half of the traffic, but if you mention it as part of 6 other parties, I’m assuming that between those 6 parties it’s equally divided (Google won’t get 49% and the other 5 1%)

So yes, you can ask yourself anything but given what is being offered, this is just a reasonable math.

But most importantly, this is not the topic of the article.

Not the literal article, but the problem the article is about.
The problem is that the bandwidth is very little, you can see that if the tech giants have to pay extra so that the providers etc can double back and the issue is temporarily resolved but the business model is unhealthy.
Or you can view it from the perspective that providers may have to sell less hot air and thus just build a health network.

Whatever you look at, our internet costs a lot of money. The European Union wants the tech giants to help pay for this. Personally I don’t see the big advantage, because of course they will pass that on to us, the customer, left or right, maybe even for an additional cost.

There is also no advantage for the customer, he drives left or right. Only for providers etc. there is only advantage and then they double the drop and no one can check if these costs are justified, in other words the providers will make a profit on both sides.

In fact, this method is considered unfavorable for the customer, because the customer pays the tech giant. Only this person is not paying the provider directly, there are x parties in between they all have to take profit back, etc.
In other words, in this way the customer loses more than the provider himself loses if he raises the price and the customer can pay immediately.
Well, the providers will have to face the customer with the buttock exposed, while the customer doesn’t see it directly in this way and the provider still collects the same money.

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