Ernst Daniel Smead feels ‘born again’ after major brain surgery | Currently

Ernst Daniel Smead feels 'born again' after major brain surgery |  Currently

Thanks to his brain surgery, Ernst Daniel Smid is doing much better, he said Monday evening on a broadcast RTL Boulevard. The 69-year-old baritone has symptoms of Parkinson’s disease to a lesser extent.

Smith underwent an hours-long surgery in July, in which he implanted electrodes and a neurostimulator into his brain. “Then you wake up and you have a new world,” he says.

Sameed says the illness made him feel depressed for a while. In 2021, he performed with Rowan Ten Kate fusionbased on his experiences with Parkinson’s disease. The movie adaptation of that piece may actually be released this year.

The singer now feels “born again”. He shakes less, talks better and can sing gently again. “My feeling of happiness depends on it,” Smith says. “I’m happy again. I’m alive again.”

On top of this good news comes the birth of his daughter, Kozge. Her son Zonne Thomas Daniël was named after his grandfather, among others. “It brings the sun back into our lives,” says Smid. “I’m so happy I got to where I am now. From now on, things can get better.”

Recovering from Parkinson’s disease is not possible, but symptoms can be reduced using modern techniques. This is how gardener and lieutenant colonel Rob Verlinden submits end of 2019 Similar process. He said in April 2022: “I am so glad I made that choice.” telegraph. “I got my life back. Every morning I wake up with a smile.”

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