Erica Melland was eliminated by a welfare mother

Erica Melland was eliminated by a welfare mother

Erica Milland spoke negatively about the mother who was seen on Chateau Biggest. The mother is not satisfied with this and wipes Erica off the pan. “With the prejudices she expressed in an interview, she misses the point completely.”

The Meiland family recently appeared on Chateau Bijstand. Not only did they take on the challenge themselves to see what it’s like to live on luxury, but they also spoke to many mothers who weren’t having an easy time.

Erica is negative about maternal care

So is Desi, who is a single mother of three. She has children from three different men, which is something Erica cannot understand. In an interview, she said that Desi could have made other choices in life.

Desi responded to Erica’s comments via Instagram. The positive feeling she had about the program disappeared. During the recording of the program, we were treated kindly and had a delicious dinner. The kids and I really enjoyed this. After all, we never do this! “Unfortunately, I have now read that Erica is less positive towards me in the media.”

“Very disappointed”

Desi says he was hurt by Erica’s comments. “But above all, very disappointed. The fact that my life was different from hers does not give her the right to judge me that way in public. With the prejudices that she has now expressed in an interview, she completely missed the point as far as I am concerned.”

According to Desi, you don’t have to have an opinion on something you know nothing about. “Erica, especially for you, where your eyes were not, your mouth should not speak. And besides… if you don’t have anything nice to say, you better not say anything!”

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