June 5, 2023

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Erica and Maxime are horrified during Martin's hysterical driving experience: 'You don't want to die'

Erica and Maxime are horrified during Martin’s hysterical driving experience: ‘You don’t want to die’

Martien still has a great car, but he saw a completely different car in a showroom, which he really likes. And before making an expensive purchase, the head of the family wants to test the car for a while. So this happens.

With some hesitation, Martin gets behind the wheel and suspicions immediately arise. “I can’t even begin,” he says. Finally, the trio takes off. “Did you get your seat belt?” Then Erica Maxim asks. To her mother, she replied: “Yes, what do you think? I don’t want to die.” “Calm down guys, I’m afraid we’ll have an accident,” Maxim continues. “what do you think about me?!” Then Martin says.

The shift seemed to cost Martine a lot of effort during his hysterical test drive. “You have a manual gearbox, don’t you know how to do it?” Maxim asks her father. “It looks like we’re doing a kind of driving course.”

Despite the difficulties, Martien is a fan of the car. “I think that’s absolutely charming,” he says of the big black-and-white car. “Does it shift strangely, or is it because of you?” Then Erica asks. “No, it’s because of him. He probably turns from 1 to 5,” says Maxim.

Summary: Martin thinks the car is cool. “I like the size. Had a little trouble going from a 2 to a 3. Overall I still give it an 8.” Maxim also says that he is away from the car. There is only one problem. The car cannot pass under the garage of Martien and Erica’s house. So this gives him food for thought.

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Opening the Code Rosé guest house was not easy for the Meiland family. Martien, Erica, Montana, and Maxime discover at the last minute that something is wrong with the permit. To make matters worse, the building is stained with whitewash. You can watch all the hysterical misery in the video below.

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