Eric: “If you work 24 more hours on Saturday, you’ll get 200 percent more.” | salary

Eric: "If you work 24 more hours on Saturday, you'll get 200 percent more." |  salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutchman that every week. Today: Eric, 39, holds a managerial position as a fire brigade watch captain.

What do you earn?
“My gross salary is 4,800 euros, my net salary is about 4,000 euros.”

Are you happy with your monthly salary?
,, I am very satisfied. Of course you always want more, but I recently read an article by a philosopher who said that above all a craving he is. If you get more, you may still not be satisfied. We work 24 hours a day, twice a week. If you work overtime for 24 hours on Saturday, you’ll get 200 percent. You can easily do other jobs in addition to your work in the fire brigade. Several colleagues have their own small business where they also work for two or three days.

What are your additional benefits?
I get irregular working hours allowance because I also work at night. In addition, I receive the Individual Choice Budget, which is approximately 17.5 percent of my total annual salary. At the end of the year, the total amount in that pot was €10,000. This includes holiday pay and the 13th month and you can choose when you want it paid. We also have a bike plan and a €25 gym allowance. I receive a telephone allowance of about ten euros a month and the food is compensated in the office.


There is a discussion within the team about the degree to which everyone is working, especially with new people

Did you negotiate your salary?
“We have scales with steps. You know in advance what range you’re on and of course you want to get to the highest possible step. I was asked for the position, so I had an easy negotiating position. I negotiated the step I wanted. In the end, I managed to get five steps up.” , which saves an additional 500 euros per month.

Do you know what your colleagues earn?
“Yes, because all jobs are fixed in scales. You know the scale everyone is on, but not what step. So I know roughly what each person earns minimum or maximum, but there is no specific amount. There is a discussion within the team about the degree to which Everyone works on it, especially with new people. This sometimes creates friction, if it turns out that one earns a lot more than the other.”

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What do you think that?
Your salary depends on your position and experience. If someone is already a firefighter with a corps, I understand you want to negotiate what you earn. If you’re a junior firefighter, this is the question you’re negotiating. Then I’d prefer you start with a lower step, and then look a year later to see if you can progress.”

How do you see the future?
“I am currently in talks about other work. After ten years of leadership, you’ve seen it all, and it’s good to be doing another job. The intention is that I will continue to work for the fire service, but with a different job.”

Is Eric earning enough?

Age: 39
Number of years of relevant work experience: 17
Education level: MBO
Working hours per week: 40+
Function: watch commander
Level: administrative

According to the municipal collective labor agreement, which includes the fire service, a person with the same job requirements as Erik earns an average of €4,208 per month. “This is less than my current gross salary. This is because in addition to my regular services, I also volunteer for the fire brigade. I am paid for it. In addition, my salary is much higher due to the allowance for irregular working hours.”

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