‘EQS important for EV adoption in US’

The first Mercedes on a platform specially designed for EVs is not a mid-size shortcut, but an excellent limousine EQS. This is well thought out because according to Mercedes Benz it is the way for certain Americans to get EV.

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EQS will help Mercedes “capture its position in the luxury and technology hub,” Daimler CEO Ola Colonius told Automotive News Europe. In other words: EQS pulls out all the stops as an excellent limousine, and shows people who can’t afford what Mercedes is capable of in the EV industry.

The S-Class may be a symbol of North American luxury, and electricity benefits equally naturally. According to Colonius, EQS helps establish a foundation in EV in the United States and puts Mercedes on the map as an EV builder in the country. EQS was first introduced in the United States, while the regular S-Class came into the American well after its European introduction.

Offered by AutoWeek

Additional advantage of the electric top limousine: there are not too many numbers in this category, so no delivery problem, for example, Chip shortage Not such a big character. After attracting US attention with the Mercedes electric flagship, it will be easier to accept smaller and more affordable models.

Of course, Tesla, the flagship EV brand, also comes from the United States. In that sense, the cry from Europe that Europeans can not deal with EVs is somewhat certain, but EVs are less accepted in large parts of the United States than they are here. Logical, because billions of subsidies in Europe have gone where we are now. That is in 2020 About 2 percent of cars are sold in the United States Electricity was in stock, in Western Europe 6.7 per cent in the same year.

Opening Photo: One of EQS’s first series production units aimed at the North American market. Notice the orange side markers and reflectors.

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