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The Epic Games Store allows users to leave a review of games through the default store, but randomly asks players for their opinion. The American company does this bombing review To face.

After the session, players can be randomly asked to rate the game that has already been played on a scale of five, so Explains Epic Games† The player must have played the relevant game for at least 2 hours. Epic then displays the average score for the game in the online store. It is not clear how often a player is asked to review, but the company pledges not to do so Spam emails You must ask. Also, the user is not required to review every game in their library.

In addition, Epic Games is adding a random voting system to the shop. Players can be randomly selected again to answer a single question about the game in question after a playing session. These questions can be open-ended or offer multiple predetermined answers. For example, Epic could ask how difficult the game is, or what the added value of playing with a team is. The results of surveys, such as user ratings, are displayed on the sales pages of the respective games.

Random selection of users who can leave a review should ensure that games are not unfairly rated. Review bombing is common in the gaming industry and can be a response from users to controversial choices made by a developer or publisher, or for other political or non-political reasons. The aim of this practice is always to clearly express dissatisfaction with the product, but a distorted picture of the actual quality of the product can thus be painted.

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