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If only the world worked that way ok

If we want we can make it work this way. “Money talks,” and where does this money come from? Right, from us. consumer. For example, if we all stopped pre-ordering and only bought games after release, publishers would ensure that the release didn’t become a flop. When you have already covered the costs and profits with your pre-orders, there is little incentive left to offer the consumer a good product. It is the same in this case. By not using Epic, they are either forced to improve or cease to exist.

Look at mobile phones, Windows Phone is better than the competition but they couldn’t win because they were the underdog.

huh? I’ve been allowed to use a Windows Phone in the past, and I’ve never had a phone this bad. In what areas were they better?

Beta Max itself

Very nice example, but I don’t think that’s the way you meant it. Betamax failed because it didn’t listen to the consumer. Something that Epic seems to be doing now, too. You can also read about it here Wikipedia.

Blu-ray at first too

I wasn’t aware there was a “war” on Blu-ray discs, so I checked Wikipedia. It seems to have gone differently, so it can’t be compared. The Blu-ray “war” seems to have been mostly about corporate interests and money, not consumer issues. It also appears that the consumer had little to do with whether this “war” was won or not, and it eventually came down to compromise between the companies. Very interesting read Wikipedia.

The best product does not always win, especially when it is necessary to catch up because the consumer is doing what they know best, not what is better or cheaper.

Most consumers look primarily at money, what is cheaper. Now the cost of games is almost always the same (with the exception of temporary promotions and annoying offers). So, when it comes to platform X or Y, it doesn’t matter in terms of money. So you have to look, what does the consumer think is important? And then it comes down to service, features, ease of use, etc… Epic doesn’t seem to understand that, or doesn’t think it’s a priority.

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