Empty shelves threaten due to staff shortages in the United States

Empty shelves threaten due to staff shortages in the United States

American food manufacturers are struggling to deliver stores in the United States. According to ANP, this is due to staff shortages caused by the Corona crisis.

At Cisco, North America’s largest food distributor, some customers are turned away when demand is high. In addition to staff shortages, rival United sees delays in the delivery of some imported products such as natural foods, cheese and herbs.

An additional problem is that supermarkets keep stock in preparation for the holidays. This ensures that the demand of the stores is higher than the capacity of the manufacturers.

American companies find it difficult to find employees. Enthusiasm for physical presence in the workplace is low due to corona infection. Unemployment benefits have also been temporarily increased, which has given people the opportunity to look for better jobs than ever before.

Corona infections are causing staff shortages not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom. Moreover, this deficit has been exacerbated by Brexit.

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