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Embracer Group announces new acquisitions. The game company wants to acquire Perfect World Entertainment for $125 million, among other things. PWE is the owner and operator of many MMo. Embracer wants to host PWE at Gearbox Entertainment.

Embracer Group Pays $125 Million Acquisition of Perfect World Entertainment. The deal has been signed and the companies expect the acquisition to close in February 2022, subject to regulatory approval.

owns PWE encrypted studios. This is the developer of MMo Neverwinter, Star Trek Online and Champions Online. Those three MMOs have been active for over 25 years, Embracer reports. Additionally, PWE is the publisher of the Torchlight franchise and the game Remnant: From the Ashes among others.

Embracer plans to house PWE within its Gearbox Entertainment business unit. That could mean the company has plans to combine Cryptic Studios’ MMO expertise with Gearbox game franchises, such as Borderlands. However, Embracer does not provide specifics about this.

PWE lost in 2021 due to dropping MMo Magic: Legends. Embracer is confident that the company will turn a profit in the coming years with the arrival of new MMO games and new titles.

Embracer Group announced three more acquisitions on Tuesday. Take Saber Interactive’s business unit Brisk Entertainment. This is a small American studio with 20 employees and was founded in 2013 by game industry veterans. The studio helped develop Mortal Kombat 11 and Scribblenauts Showdown, among others.

Saber Interactive has also acquired Digic. This is an animation studio from Hungary with four hundred employees, and also offers motion capture services. Digic is best known for its game and cinematic ads, according to Embracer, and has also collaborated on Netflix’s animated series Love, Death and Robots.

Finally, Embracer Group, through its Koch Media business unit, takes on the scope of German video platform Spotfilm Networx Around. This party offers movies and documentaries via YouTube and its app, including ads as a revenue model.

Last week, Embracer Group announced the board game maker Want to take over Asmodee for 2.75 billion euros. Embracer recently made several acquisitions and indicated that it will continue to do so. The Swedish company wants to become the largest gaming company in Europe. Embracer was formerly known as THQ Nordic AB.

Update: 10.14 am: Embracer is also taking charge of Dark Horse, an American company with 181 employees that publishes comic books and books, and makes films and series. Dark Horse owns a library of three hundred “intellectual property”, including The Mask, Timecop, Hellboy, and The Umbrella Academy.

Embracer states that the acquisition is good for strengthening its Transmedia capabilities. The company refers to publishing, for example, point books about games and creating games based on comic books. Dark Horse will become Embracer Group’s 10th business unit. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. The parties expect the deal to be completed in early 2022.

Embracer Group
work units studios (some examples) Perks/Games (Examples)
entertainment gearbox gearbox software
Studio Gearbox Quebec
Gearbox Studio Montreal
encrypted studios*
Brothers in arms
home world
Star Trek Online
THQ North Boughbir Entertainment
shooting games
Piranha Bite
Destroy all humans
Desperados III
What remains of the ashes
Coach Media Publishing Profound Silver Will
spinner games
studio warhorse
Saints row
Arizona Sunshine
coffee spot Coffee Stain Studios
ghost ship games
Easy operator
Deep Rock Galactic
Simulated goat
Saber Interactive 3D worlds
4A Games
Aspire Media

Duke Nukem
shadow warrior
subway displacement
Star Wars: Couture Remake

amplifier game invest bit of fate
miscellaneous games
rare earth games
toys thinking monkey
Crazy Labs
mobile games
Easy Brain Easy Brain mobile games
Asmody * Kattan studio
days of wonder
Z-Man games
ticket to ride
cats explode
Dark Horse* Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Entertainment
the mask
Umbrella Academy

* Acquisition is not complete yet

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