Elizabeth needs to rest, the palace shares pictures of the smiling Queen

Elizabeth needs to rest, the palace shares pictures of the smiling Queen

Queen Elizabeth will not attend the COP26 climate summit reception in Glasgow next week. Her doctors advised the 95-year-old Queen of the United Kingdom to rest.

Sources at Buckingham Palace say it is a precautionary measure, but the cancellation raises questions about the Queen’s health. Recently, doctors urged Elizabeth, known for her great work ethic, to take it easy.

I started a week ago. Then it became clear that Elizabeth would not attend an important party in Armagh, Northern Ireland. “The Queen reluctantly accepted the medical advice to rest for the next few days,” the palace said.

A day later, the complaints turned out to be so serious that Elizabeth spent a night in a London hospital. It turns out it was her first hospital stay in eight years. But Buckingham Palace only broke the news after British newspapers revealed the short recording.

Formal events with children (major)

Soon after Armagh was canceled, another great announcement followed. Earlier this week, it was announced that Elizabeth will accompany her children or grandchildren at official events. They can then jump, if the queen suddenly falls. And now the climate summit in Scotland is cancelled.

Palace spokesmen seem to want to remove suspicions of ill health as much as possible. Earlier today, two photos of the Queen in action were shared across the Buckingham Palace channel on Twitter.

From Windsor Castle, a photo of a smiling king participating in a video meeting has been shared. Shortly thereafter, a short report of a working visit by two diplomats followed. “Nice to see her smiling and back at work!” he wrote on Twitter.

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