Elijah Leonard Pfeiffer and Marek Lucas Reinfeldt celebrate love | civilization

Elijah Leonard Pfeiffer and Marek Lucas Reinfeldt celebrate love |  civilization

By selecting Pfeijffer and Rijneveld, the organizing institution CPNB selected two writers who have been in the spotlight recently. NS Grand Europa Hotel Weijver Books (53) Dutch bestselling book of 2019; A compelling love story set in times of mass tourism – which came to a sudden halt the following year due to the pandemic; A play about European identity, nostalgia and the end of an era, written in Venice. Pfeiffer, who lives in Genoa, is also a classical poet and poet. In 2014, he received the Libris Literature Prize for his novel wonderful.

‘A place in the Mother’s Gift Collection since 1930’

Marek Lukas Reinfeldt (30) was the first Dutch writer to win the International Booker Prize in 2020 for her Evening annoyance, the English translation of her novel The evening is uncomfortable. her latest novels, my dear favorite, which is also an abrasive report of a sexual assault of a minor, from the perspective of the perpetrator.

Rijneveld feels both girl and boy – not binary – and thus added the first name “Lucas” to her name.

Glorious Tradition

The authors – of course – are honored with their commissions. “The Boekenweekgift is a unique institution in the world, with a glorious tradition,” said Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. “It is a really great honor to be able to write it. It has been a secret wish that you have always asked me about for a long time, and now I consider it a milestone in my career.”

His mother owns a whole collection of Boekenweekgifts, from the first one from 1930. Pfeijffer has already finished his 2022 Boekenweekgift: “The prospect of having a book on that list in her wardrobe moves me. I considered it my duty to make the most of what I had. For now. The book has purposely focused on the occasion emphatically: it relates to the theme of first love, deals with the importance of stories and is an ode to all the booksellers and librarians who are central to the book’s anonymity of business and our literary culture.”

Happy dance around the writing desk

The Book Week article was written by Marek Lucas Reinfeldt, who called it “a great glory and honor” for allowing her to do so. “I did a happy dance around my desk. And what a joy it was to be able to embark on this adventure with my esteemed colleague Elijah Leonard Pfeiffer. Hearing the topic “First Love,” I immediately knew what I wanted to dedicate the article to. I want to celebrate love, of all Its sides, in all its manifestations!”

CPNB Director Eveline Aendekerk is among the Boekenweek authors.

CPNB Director Eveline Aendekerk is among the Boekenweek authors.

CPNB Director Evelyn Eindekirk is looking forward to a ‘big and inspiring readers’ ‘party’ in March 2022 as this had to be broken up halfway in 2020 and had to move into the summer of last year, because bookstores had been closed for so long due to closures .

ball book?

Readers receive a Boekenweekgift from the bookstore when they spend €15 on books in Dutch. The Book Week essay is available in stores for €5. There will also be a Frisian and Flemish edition of the Boekenweekgift.

The Boekenweek festival takes place from Saturday 5 to Sunday 13 March 2022. It is not yet known whether the festival can start on Friday 4 March with the traditional Boekenbal in Stadsschouwburg.

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