Electric shooting brake more than digital signal

Electric shooting brake more than digital signal

On the eve of the IAA in Munich, Cobra has brought down the curtain on DarkRebel. The Cupra DarkRebel is an electric release brake loaded with aggressive lines that are less elusive than before, but – unfortunately – still not very tangible.

Cobra and perhaps others made us giddy earlier this year with DarkRebel. Cupra DarkRebel was pure digital as well as elusive metaverse The concept car showed that it actually consisted of only ones and zeros. Cupra DarkRebel has now been pulled from the virtual world by the Spaniards and awakened in tangible form during the IAA in Munich. A copy has now already been made.

The DarkRebel as it was shown physically in April of this year.

Anyone who feels shuddered at the increasing extent to which virtual concepts are creeping into everyday life would do well to close this article. This tangible version of Cupra DarkRebel also has strong ties to Cupras Metatype in which it was created. Cobra – which Cobra driving enthusiasts refer to by its name tribe – He asked his fellow tribesmen to join the so-called Hyperformation In the Metatype To form a digital DarkRebel. According to Cupra, more than 270,000 Cupra followers created DarkRebel in that digital design room. The Spaniards say that they have now translated all of these composite versions into a single design. A fairly comprehensive DarkRebel game has already been built and now also exists in “our world”.

Cobra Dark Rebel

Cupra Dark Rebel interior: Complete with gamepad-like steering wheel.

Just like the virtual DarkRebel, this tangible Cupra DarkRebel is also electric Shooting brake It is lavishly designed with a very aggressive design. Although its appearance might suggest otherwise, the DarkRebel is a two-seater. Cupra even calls the car an “electric sports car.” As before, Cupra isn’t talking about the production version’s arrival, so you don’t have to think of a new target for your savings bank. According to Cobra, DarkRebel must show that electric cars “[…] Exciting, passionate and provocative.” Whether it is? This is of course a matter of taste. In any case, DarkRebel proves that Cupra is doing its best to come up with innovative ways to engage (potential) Cupra customers with the brand.

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The DarkRebel itself is 4.5 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 1.4 meters high. Cobra has used many sustainable materials in the interior, which is made of 90 percent bamboo. The DarkRebel has a thermal camera on the roof, the data of which is supposed to contribute to climate control inside. Is there nothing concrete at all in this study model? of course it is. For example, the headlights composed of triangles indicate the new light signature that all Cupras will soon receive.

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