March 30, 2023

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Elden Ring exploit pushes PC gamers into the infinite ring of death - Games - News

Elden Ring exploit pushes PC gamers into the infinite ring of death – Games – News

I’ve been in the game for about 25 hours, and haven’t encountered any glitches yet. I occasionally suffer from frame drops, but since one of the last patches, this has also gotten less.

You will notice that this game is a console port. I don’t like the Steam controller that works in Elden Ring (I still have to tweak the layout) but the game can also be played just fine with a keyboard and mouse.

When you play with your keyboard and mouse, you will immediately notice that this is a giant console port. buttons that appear from the console. Controller Y is the F keyboard, Controller B is the Q keyboard, Controller X is the R keyboard and so on.

They made the game more keyboard and mouse easier than previous From Software games in terms of controls, but tweak the user interface, whoops.

I also don’t like menus, even with a console. The atmosphere and the gameplay is very good. Elden Ring also looks good graphically and has a lot of variety of monsters. But unfortunately, I just noticed it’s a giant console port. But they have taken a small step forward by making the keyboard and mouse more playable. But the UI just lags.

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