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El Salvador koopt wederom de bitcoin dip

The cryptocurrency market crashed last night. The Bitcoin (BTC) The price briefly reached a price of less than $41,000. Many crypto investors are panicking, but it seems that the President of El Salvador in Central America, Neb Bukele, is not at all worried. It was announced that the country had once again bought down Bitcoin.

buy dip BTC

On Twitter, the head of state announced that they have taken 150 new bitcoins into the balance. They bought these bitcoins at an average bitcoin price of $48,500. In total, these bitcoins were worth $7.3 million.

El Salvador has proven unable to buy up to the absolute bottom. After Bukele announced that the country had bought bitcoins, the price fell even more. So Bukele also announced on Twitter that he missed the rear by 7 minutes.

With this new purchase, El Salvador already has about 1,370 Bitcoin in its vault. Of course it is still the only country that ever owns Bitcoin.

Overall, Bitcoin investments in El Salvador don’t seem to be bad so far. only through dips Stocked on a large scale, a very good return has been achieved to this day.

El Salvador in Bitcoin

Since the announcement that the country will start accepting bitcoin as legal tender, El Salvador has been known as the birthplace of rising feelings. no chance of encryption To stimulate industry in the country.

For example, it was recently announced that El Salvador plans to create a real model “Bitcoin City” Builds. This city will cost about $500 million and will be funded through a special type of crypto bond. However, El Salvador’s plans are not to everyone’s taste. So I left International Monetary Fund They recently learned that they are very concerned about the course the Central American country is taking.

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