Edwin Evers returns to number 538 in ‘Mission 538’

Edwin Evers returns to number 538 in 'Mission 538'

Tomorrow Edwin Evers will return once on Radio 538. Since over 10,000 euros has been raised for Mission 538, he will be doing a program on the station tomorrow between 10:00 and 11:00.

Three years ago, Edwin gave his last broadcast of “Evers Staat Op” on 538. The DJ said of Missie’s 538 campaign: “Nice conversations, some music playing and of course the proceeds. I’ll do an hour radio if at least €10,000 is donated. “.

The Mission has collected the following 538 amounts for various missions so far:

160 thousand euros for two Ronald McDonald’s living rooms for the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund
71,000 euros to help 11 unique athletes on the waiting list with a sports wheelchair or a prosthesis for the Disabled Sports Fund
32,500 euros to deliver 50 children for the day of their lives in a special Stichting Hoogvliegers ambulance plane
35,000 euros to develop virtual reality therapy to prevent PTSD in the military to help heroes
€40,000 for winter coats, blankets and hot water bottles for 1,600 Dutch children born in poverty for Babyspullen
€35,000 for a year of intensive mentoring designed specifically for young people with acquired brain injury for the Brain Foundation
€35,000 to set up a training house for a training assistant and companion dogs for the KNGF.

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