Edsilia’s costume in ICSYV is so tight that she’s stuck in her chair

Edsilia's costume in ICSYV is so tight that she's stuck in her chair

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the latest episode of I can see your voice

It’s Friday evening until Mart Hoogkamer and his wife Melissa discover golden throats. He is assisted by a panel made up of Danny de Monck, Fred van Leer, Mariki Elsinga and Edicilia Rumbley. They’re all looking forward to going through an episode, but the latter got a special mention from announcer Carlo Bouchard. “You look beautiful, but can you also move beautifully and freely in it?” ask out loud. The singer replied, “That’s very despicable, Carlo.” “It’s all tight and you know it.”

Thus, it is not possible to show her clothes, which pleases her fellow team members. “Edsilia asked us if we had other chairs. Would you like to stand up? It’s not possible, is it?” Carlo continues.

Edsilia’s outfit is one of the whole episode muzzle operation† “Edsilia is good too,” concluded the first-round host, which is just about feeling. Based on that tour, Fred believes that musical talent should leave the stage of truth, because according to him she is “looking a lot”, a pose that Edsilia – of course – only has to show. She replied to the request, “You wretch, Carlo.” “Whoa, we all know the dress is tight,” the presenter tried again. In the end he made it so that Edicelia did a little dance to the roaring applause before they got back to the order of the day: Who can sing?

When it’s Het Musical Talent’s turn to lip sync shortly, Carlo places Edsilia in front of the block again. The audience is asked to stand up if they think she can actually sing. Almost everyone is standing, except Edsilia … “I asked the audience!” She managed to save herself.

In the end, 18-year-old Mae Het Musical Talent managed to land a duet with Mart. He may have a beautiful voice and terrify everyone.

I can see your voice It can be seen every Friday at 8 pm. on RTL 4. Or watch the episode (in advance) on Videoland.

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