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Research: Dairy and pig farmers interested in supporting the tampon | Financial issues

This is evidenced by research conducted by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in interest in the so-called National Termination Scheme for Livestock Breeding Sites (LBV). Dairy cattle and pig farmers are particularly interested in a compensation of 65% of the replacement value of the stables […]

NPO enters into discussion with broadcaster ON about the anti-Semitic statements of the organizer

The NPO will speak with the management of new broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland (ON) about anti-Semitic statements by the chair of the supervisory board, which the NRC is writing about. The media authority was also asked to investigate Taco Dankers’ comments: “We are extremely shocked by these reports. Anti-Semitism and racism don’t deserve any space in […]

The first cancellations at the gym already in place at the moment threaten the mandatory Corona Card

Jimmy Shilkins. Increases Going to the gym without the Corona lane may no longer be possible as of Friday. The outgoing government is expected to announce during Tuesday night’s press conference that the now-known and controversial QR code will be mandatory in more places. Immediately after this news was leaked on Monday, Jimmy Shilkins, owner […]

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