EA to test cross-play in FIFA 22 on the latest consoles and Stadia – Gaming – News

EA will “soon” begin a cross-play test in FIFA 22. Players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S and Google Stadia will be able to compete against each other in online seasons and online friendly matches. The test will not come on the PC version and previous generation consoles.

It is not yet clear when the intersection test will start, but writes EA That this will be in the near future. The developer wants to gain experience testing a potential cross-play application in future titles. It looks like FIFA 22 won’t get a full cross, but that might show up in FIFA 23, for example.

Players on relevant platforms will see a widget about the quiz in the main menu once the quiz is started. This widget can be unlocked and then crossplay can be played. Players can also search for friends here, regardless of what platform they are playing on. In the match settings menu, there will also be an option to enable or disable participation in the cross-play test.

The announcement of the test coincides with the availability of FIFA 22 via a PlayStation Plus subscription. It looks like a game to EA Access It also comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Adding the game to these subscriptions could lead to a significant growth in the number of active players.

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