EA is releasing two more games based on Marvel characters in addition to Iron Man – Gaming – News

Electronic Arts has signed a deal with The Walt Disney Company for three video games based on Marvel superheroes. So far, only one game has been announced, a single player Iron Man game created by Motive Studio.

CFO Laura Miele says the idea behind the deal is to attract Marvel fans who aren’t interested in other EA games opposite Bloomberg. “There are Marvel fans who don’t play other EA games. Including Star Wars.” EA studios, including Respawn Entertainment, are currently working Multiple Star Wars Games.

According to Miele, the company has been looking for a deal with Disney for several years to license games based on the Marvel superhero universe. For example, you could have been in touch with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige four years ago. During the pandemic, she reportedly later made contact with Marvel Games CEO Jay Ong, from which this deal originated.

EA does not disclose information about other games that will be released under the deal. For example, it is unknown if there will be three Iron Man games or if each of the games in question will be about a different Marvel character. For now, only a file Iron Man game announced!Its address has not yet been announced.

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