Dutch publisher Soedesco dumps PS5 and Xbox Series Port of Truck Driver – Gaming – News

Dutch publisher Soedesco has dropped Truck Driver – Premium Edition. This will be the first PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series release of the truck simulator. The publisher says this is due to problems with the development of the Heading North DLC.

Soedesco says Encountering “unexpected bumps” in the development of the Truck Driver: Heading North DLC that forced this DLC to be delayed. publisher Already announced in September 2021 North Heading said at the time to delay the DLC by a few weeks. Now, almost two years later, it is not yet known when the dlc should appear.

The Premium version was supposed to appear a little later, after that title DLC North, but Soedesco now says the Premium version won’t appear at all, due to delays in Heading North. The publisher confirms that it is still working on the Truck Driver and Heading North DLC.

Truck Driver – Premium Edition will use updated truck models that take advantage of the capabilities of current generation consoles. The release will also contain all released DLC. Soedesco announced the Premium version in July 2021 He said at the time that the release would be released in September of that year.

The truck simulator is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Part of the game was created by Soedesco’s in-house Dutch development studio, and other parts were made with international studios. In the game, players can build a career as a truck driver. The Heading North DLC should include a map with northern influences.

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