Dutch Entrepreneurs in America: How Vivian D…

Dutch Entrepreneurs in America: How Vivian D…

Doing business on the American West Coast: Who hasn’t dreamed of it? For Vivian Golfin-de Ruijter, that’s a reality. As a female investor in the tech industry, she is an exception in a male-dominated world.

Interview & Video: Loc de Val

May 3, 2023

Diversity leads to greater innovation, efficiency and a stronger economy. Encouraging female entrepreneurship is one of the ways to achieve this. The American West Coast plays a pioneering role in this area, and it also attracts many interested Dutch women. In this new video series, you’ll hear from seven Dutch women in San Francisco and Los Angeles about how they’re living the American dream.

The first in this series is Vivian Golfin-de Ruyter. He is a senior associate at Intuitive Ventures, a venture capital fund that invests in the development of minimally invasive surgery. He was drawn to the West Coast of the United States because of its large health innovation ecosystem. “So I have no doubts about doing my specialization here,” says Vivian.

As a woman in the tech industry, especially in venture capital, Vivian feels she has a competitive advantage because the industry is so male-dominated. “Instead of trying to follow other people, I was able to choose my own path,” he says.

She recognizes that there is a certain amount of comfort in being uncomfortable, especially in the world of venture capital. “I don’t know what deals will land on my desk tomorrow. But you know what? I have two to four weeks to figure it out,” he says.

In this 7-part video series for De Ondernemer, you’ll hear from passionate Dutch women how to do business on the American West Coast. Together with the Dutch Embassy in San Francisco A new video will be online every week. The US Embassy helps Dutch entrepreneurs do business in the US.

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