March 30, 2023

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Dumpert star Sylvana Eselmodine participates in Expedition Robinson: 'I used a bikini as a towel' |  stars

Dumpert star Sylvana Eselmodine participates in Expedition Robinson: ‘I used a bikini as a towel’ | stars

Silvana Aijselmodin isn’t allowed to say much about her just yet. The recordings (in Croatia) were already in May, but the first episode of the hugely watched TV show on RTL 4 was only on August 29. “But it was tough. Really very heavy. “

Toothbrushes were not allowed in the survival program. “They are really strict about that.” She also doesn’t wear a lot of clothes. “I used a bikini as a towel. It makes you creative.”


Anyway, it wasn’t all about preparation, she said. “Participation in Expedition Robinson has always been a big dream of mine. And when you get the chance, you want to take it.”

For example, in the lead up to the shooting, she ran 10 kilometers every day and followed a survival course with her two brothers. I went swimming. “I wasn’t very good at front crawl, so I thought: They’re not going to catch me that.”

She also took an ice bath at ‘iceman’ Wim Hof ​​and visited former participant and driver Tim Coronel. He also gave her advice on clothes. “I needed that, because it was really cold in Croatia.”

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By the way, Kou is a new element of the TV show. Filming is usually done in tropical places like the Philippines, but due to the pandemic the film crew has moved to Croatia.

Did all the preparation help? Anyway, it was good for her self-confidence, she says. But in practice, everything is completely different. You can’t really prepare for it. When I was there I often thought: Why would I do this again? “

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Even if I did it again after that. “Maybe like giving birth.”