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DuckDuckGo offers App Tracking Protection, an experimental feature of its Android app that blocks third-party tracking from other Android apps. With this feature, the company wants to give users the option to allow or disallow third-party tracking on Android.

Application tracking protection for Android zal According to DuckDuckGo Orders Ban from forwarding data to third parties via most Android apps. The company also says that it is constantly looking for new trackers to protect its users against them. According to DuckDuckGo, the Android operating system considers the functionality a “local VPN job” but unlike VPN apps, no data is forwarded to another server.

Some app trackers aren’t currently blocked, according to DuckDuckGo, as this may prevent these apps from running. The company does not report on applications. Users can also exclude individual apps from tracking protection by setting this in the app.

Users who have signed up for the beta and are accepted will receive a “real-time” view of the blocked trackers and third-party tracking networks that DuckDuckGo has been able to identify in the latest version of the Android app. Users can also view an overview of the blocked trackers via notifications.

App Tracking Protection is currently in beta in the Android app and will be a free feature in the DuckDuckGo app. Users must join the waiting list to test the feature. New users are accepted every week. It is not clear if the feature will also come to iOS devices or not.

DuckDuckGo app tracking protection for Android

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