DuckDuckGo Downgrades Websites Spreading Russian Disinformation – IT Pro – News

Nobody can stop me from scrolling down, what matters to me is that DuckDuckGo now tells me what is misinformation or not.

We focus too heavily on principled arguments that freedom also means that you should be able to see everything, but you miss an important point that you assume you can point to relevant search results. You yourself know that manipulation of the search engine has already resulted in much worse search results and that more than once you do not find what you are looking for, but you find great offers or empty referral sites.

Assume that misinformation about a particular topic ranks in the top 20 search results based on its relevance to your keywords. For example: What color is the grass? The result is 20 x “the color of the grass is red”.

Do you think the search engine is doing you a favor because it gives the best answers impartially – even though the answers are 100% wrong and intentionally wrongly placed because fanatics want the grass to be red from now on?

I think we need to rethink our ability to make a really good assessment of our ability to recognize disinformation and propaganda and the importance we place on information provided to us. Now that we’ve chosen to make everything and everyone equal on the search engine and in social media, you’re having the wrong balance issues all day long. So a person who deals with search engine manipulation is more right, for example, than a scientist who has proven that the color of the grass is green.

So you’re referring to unbiased results and that’s exactly what you’re doing – it reduces the results that we can determine not equal to other results with a better reputation. An unbiased search result can also be translated as: advertising-free, rather than “based on the best search engine manipulation of reality”. Just tell me, what should it be?

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