Drunk driver who killed 17-year-old cyclist arrested

Dronken automobilist rijdt twee fietsers dood in Commewijne

The 43-year-old drunk driver who, in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 29, was, Two 17-year-old cyclists murdered Regarding the communication between East and West, it was presented before Razin and after coordination with the Public Prosecution Service (OM). And the Suriname Police Force has it on Sunday afternoon teach them

After the collision was reported, Richelieu’s office police visited the site for an investigation around 1.30am. Upon arrival, cyclists Ashitosh Algoe and Claimen Dielingen, who no longer showed any signs of life, were found on the Orlean Creek Bridge. The doctor identified the deaths of the two young traffic victims.

Law enforcement officers found that both the cyclists and the driver of the vehicle were driving the aforementioned road shortly before the collision in the direction of Muengo. At one point, a passenger car swept Ashietosh and Calcin on their bikes from behind a few feet away from the Orlin Creek Bridge.

Dielingen’s claim Ashetosh Allgwe (s)

As a result of the blow, the two victims were thrown a few meters on the road surface of the bridge with dire consequences for them, and then the driver of the car, who was probably driving at high speed, swerved to the right. The car drove sideways along the bridge and circled over the creek to the other side of the road, after which the car skidded into the creek along the road.

When the police arrived, the driver was Joseph H. The 43-year-old and his co-pilot JL, 33, have already been removed from the car. Police have recovered the driver’s license for JH, who was under the influence, pending investigation. The driver and co-driver, who was injured in a service car, were taken to the emergency department of Paramaribo Academic Hospital.

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After medical treatment, the driver was turned away while the motorist was taken to the police station to wake him up. When JH was sober, he appeared before the court and after consulting with the Public Prosecution Service of Suriname (OM).

The bodies of Aschitos and Dalcin were seized for an autopsy on behalf of the prosecution. The investigation into this collision has been handed over to the Eastern Region Traffic Unit.

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