Dream School viewers are upset by ‘manipulative’ Anouk

Dream School viewers are upset by 'manipulative' Anouk

When Anouk showed up at school, her face was in a thunderstorm. Things go wrong in the first lesson. She refuses to join Lucia’s gym class, sits down and then goes out without permission to smoke a cigarette. When University President Eric walks up to her and talks to her about her behavior, she simply ignores him and walks away.

When the students ask her what’s going on, she doesn’t beat around the bush. “I really want to go home,” she says, “I really pissed myself off.” Anouk seems to be getting more and more rebellious with time and is constantly raising her middle finger for the camera. When Lucia confronts her about her behaviour, tears soon begin. Anouk indicates that she wants to call her father. β€œI don’t really feel well and I want to go home,” she laments.

Rector Eric does not fall into her tears. He told her, “If you want to get something out of this, you have to stop this behavior now.” “Now we are forced to look at your tears. You are so interested in drama and you are bound by this drama.” Eric’s words go the wrong way with Anouk. “Go away and leave me alone. I’m sick of this!”

Anouk runs away and Lucia is forced to reassure her. She knows how to convince Anouk to stay, though it’s not without a struggle. Viewers say they are completely done with Anouk’s behavior and praise Eric for the way he treats her.

Dream School She can be seen every Tuesday at 8.25pm ​​on NPO 3 or are you watching here Back.

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