Dozens of people were killed by the hurricane in the United States, the path of destruction

Dozens of people were killed by the hurricane in the United States, the path of destruction

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Governor Andy Bessier fears that number will rise. Bessier has declared a state of emergency in his state and called on Washington for help. President Joe Biden tweeted that the hurricane had caused “unimaginable tragedy” in the region. Promised to provide all necessary central assistance.

Dozens of hurricanes left the center of the United States hundreds of miles away from the path of destruction. Deaths have also been reported from the states of Illinois and Arkansas.

A candle factory in the devastated city of Mayfield, Kentucky, has collapsed in a storm. According to local media, 70 of the 110 employees were trapped inside the building and feared for their lives. Many of the missing have now been found and the official death toll stands at 8. Eight more are missing. “Initially, it was feared that up to 70 people would be killed. One death is more than one, but thank God that number is now very low, “said Bob Ferguson, a spokesman for Reuters.

Many buildings in the city were demolished. Pictures on social media show the entire neighborhood being destroyed and buildings collapsing. Also many broken tree branches, twisted metals and stones are scattered in the streets.

The fire department in Edwardsville, Illinois, has so far confirmed that at least six people have been killed in an attack on an Amazon department store. The building is heavily dilapidated. At the time of the storm, 50 people were working.

An unknown number of Amazon employees are still missing. James Whiteford, head of the fire department, said 45 people were able to leave the building safely. He expects the rescue operation to last at least three days. But he thinks the chances of survivors being found are zero.

In the states of Tennessee and Kentucky alone, at least 200,000 households are without electricity.

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