Don Seder (CU) in the Dutch trap: ‘Multi-year energy bill payment scheme’

ChristenUnie likes to present herself as ‘sympathetic’ and ‘sociable’. But the new “order” from CU MP Don Seder clearly shows that none of this is true. Because this Kartli comes up with the disastrous idea of ​​giving people a “multi-year payment plan” for energy debt. This means that citizens will be stuck in debt for years.

In response to Minister Schuten’s statement that people should not “sit in the cold” this winter, Tweets CU MP Don Seder:

Don Seder (CU) in the Dutch trap: 'Multi-year energy bill payment scheme'

“A clear signal from Minister Schuten: People should not lose power in the coming period,” Seder says.

This sounds very sympathetic. But the subtleties are a continuation of his message. “It is important that an agreement on social energy is reached quickly. As far as I am concerned, this includes good minimum wage protection And arrange a multi-year payment with. “

“And a multi-year payment arrangement.” This is terrifying, guys. Because this means that whole hordes of Dutch – lower class and middle class – will soon falter real energy debt. These people are already having a very difficult and difficult time. But wait. If it were up to sympathetic Christian Don Cedar (LOL) Will the situation continue in the coming years?.

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Christian Union Christians are in fact the worst “Christians” to be found in our country. Unlike the scum of the CDA, these “Christians” still pretend that their political actions have something to do with the teachings of Christ. They hide behind his name to do the most terrible things.


How do we deal with this then? These prices are artificially inflated due to the mismanagement of the state. So the citizen does not have to pay for it at all. “Energy” is a “gift” from Vadertje Staat, paid for in part by taking money from responsible politicians.

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