Dominically trusts American driver: “The most important”

Dominically trusts American driver: "The most important"

Formula 1 has finally set foot in the United States. The Las Vegas Grand Prix this week has been announced for next season. That means there are three U.S. races on next year’s calendar. After all, they will compete in Austin and Miami as well.

In recent years, Americans have become increasingly interested in the primary class of motorsport. This is due to the Netflix series Drive to Survive, but last season’s beautiful championship battle undoubtedly played a key role. But the Americans still have one thing, a comrade in the beginning.

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Leaders of Formula 1 also want to see an American drive into the sport. RaceFans quote Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali as saying: “It’s very important but it has to be true. It’s important because people make a difference. They are heroes. Everyone feels connected to a proverb, it’s always a law. Note.


For Americans, having a partner in the game is very important. Dominicali knows this and is optimistic about the future. “From a business perspective, this is important. From the corporate and advertisers’ point of view, they want to further develop the business in the United States. Driving a male or female in the sport is very important.”

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