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The documentary series Power On: The Story of Xbox contains a file Amy’s day win – win. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences jury found the documentary the best in its category Great single camera editingNo assembly work.

The Documentary series It premiered in December last year and is spread over six parts. The series revolves primarily around Microsoft’s first gaming console, but, for example, the Red Ring of Death of the Xbox 360 is also discussed. It also deals with “peripheral matters” such as games and consoles. Specifically, the creation of classics such as the Halo series, Gears of War, and Forza, and the Duke “gorilla-captured” console.

The party was held in the United States on Saturday night, He writes, among other things, Variety† In addition to the Daytime Emmy for editing work, documentaries are also nominated in this category Distinguished Arts and Popular Culture Program† The winner in this category was First Film, from Netflix.

The documentary series’ production company, Ten100TV, has received an Emmy Award for its work on the sports program Red Bull Air Race World Series. They explain more on their website: How has work been on documentaries and how, for example, the pandemic has had an impact on production.

In previous years, the big difference between the Emmy Awards and the Daytime Emmy Awards was simply the part of the day the shows were broadcast. Naturally, the best programs are saved, for example, from a TV channel Peak time, or evening, which is why she fell under the Emmys. The current popularity of non-linear television has resulted in less “broadcasting” time and thus programs from this version onwards are split between Emmy variants based on theme, look, and style rather than time.

The organizations behind the two Emmys usually post pictures of the awards ceremony online, but always do so later. Furthermore, not all winners have been identified yet; The second half of the classes will follow next Friday. In terms of appearance, the Regular Figurines and the Daytime Emmys Emmy Figurines are identical.

All six parts of the docuseries are on YouTube and other places free show

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