Do you monitor your children on social media? | Join the conversation

Do you monitor your children on social media?  |  Join the conversation

Maxim in Laurentien

Maxima follows her daughters on social media. When they post something the Queen does not approve of, she addresses them. This is what Queen Maxima said last week during an online reflection session by MIND and Amsterdam Public Health on social media. That MIND reports.

Amalia’s daughter is 18 years old, therefore she is an adult according to the law. Perhaps because of her responsibility as a future queen, she was so well taken care of. But where’s the line and at what age does her mom stop checking her social media?

Princess Laurentian thinks differently from Maxima: she has no control over her “dangerous influencer” 19-year-old daughter, Eloise. Laurentien has already declared that she trusts her daughter, and therefore does not interfere with what she posts on social media, despite the fact that the influencer has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.


Should parents be (closely) involved in their children’s social media? The Dutch Center for Youth Health (NCJ) writes on its website that it is especially important for parents to teach children how to handle social media. Parents can play a supporting role in this.


When checking your kids’ social media, people on Twitter have opinions about it. Twitter Mona finds it a difficult problem. However, she continues to check the social media of her children.

Irma believes that social media can be a topic in school.

This conversation between Mertji and Martin shows the different sides of the discussion. The ant controls her daughter, even when she is criticized for it. Martin says he is self-confident, but sometimes secretly looks at their social media.

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What are you doing? Do you monitor your children on social media, just like Queen Maxima, or release them – just like Princess Laurentian? Join the conversation by Facebook page!

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