DJI announces its smartphone gimbal Osmo Mobile 6 with screen – picture and sound – News

DJI has announced the Osmo Mobile 6, its sixth smartphone stand. The new one includes a screen on the gimbal itself, a zoom wheel on the side and the fact that the old name is back.

Where the previous gimbal was called OM4 and OM5, DJI has called the new gimbal the Osmo Mobile 6 again, which is the name that the predecessors of the Osmo Mobile 3 also had. The gimbal has a status screen to quickly adjust the video mode, among other things, without having to look at the smartphone screen. It also shows the battery status, something that happened with LEDs in previous versions.

Additionally, there is a scroll wheel on the side for easy zooming in and out. It happens with its predecessors with the push of a button. Also new is an iOS feature that automatically opens the DJI Mimo app to camera mode when users connect the phone via magnets. It works from iPhone 12 and is not available on Android. The functionality should make the gimbal ready for use faster.

The gimbal is used to make the videos on the smartphone more stable. DJI has been releasing a new version of the gimbal every year for several years now. Osmo Mobile 6 will be released on Thursday for 169 euros. This is €10 more than the suggested retail price of last year’s OM5, which was €10 more expensive than its predecessor.

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