“DJ Cars Keys” Turned Into New Solo Project Goldband Singer: “A Good Cross Between Things I Find Cool” | Displays

"DJ Cars Keys" Turned Into New Solo Project Goldband Singer: "A Good Cross Between Things I Find Cool" |  Displays

with hits like Secretly And emergency Goldband has been thriving on the Dutch music charts for weeks, but that doesn’t stop band member Karel Gerlach from making his way on his own. The singer’s new friend Maan released his first single as a DJ. With 155 beats per minute, it’s a bit louder than what a Goldband listener is used to.

Gerlach’s song was released under the stage name Dj Car Keys and is called his debut single Rotation. The record was released on the popular Amsterdam techno DJ KI / KI label. The singer contacted her through the Wildeburg Festival and Goldband manager. “She really inspired me,” he says. 3for12.

Gerlach produced the songs white sink And my city Even yourself, as well mental patient And The longest night Co-produced by Hoogendorp Weiger. his new path Rotation However, for a different audience. I go to hardcore and hardcore parties a lot. Not everyone will hear it, but I like to confuse it with driving and speed. I did some research, and came up with artists like Datura, Eargasm God, and all kinds of very techno-trance stuff. I get a lot of inspiration from it.”

Five fixtures

Gerlach had been fascinated with techno for some time, even before he performed with Goldband. Now he decided to start in this musical style of KI / KI. “So the ball started rolling. She told me she was going to start a label, and asked if I would like to end up on one of her groups. I submitted and made five drafts.”


We’re very busy with Goldband right now. But I have the ambition to deal with that

Karel Gerlach, Goldband

Gerlach used to follow Dutch DJ DJ Baccarama. “Until I discovered it’s really lukewarm soup. After that I wanted to be a techno DJ. But I’m actually very melodic for techno. That’s a good cross between the things I love.” The singer doesn’t know yet if he can be booked as a DJ in the near future. “I can’t really run yet. And we’re too busy right now with the Goldband. But I have the ambition to deal with that.”

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Plan individual work

Despite Goldband’s growing popularity, the Singers were already discussing plans for a solo career. Earlier they had come to an agreement that they could go on their own after three years, which would be now. “This is a topic that we deliberately haven’t discussed in the past few months, because it causes a lot of tension,” band member Milo Dressen said about it at the end of last year.

Then fellow singer Boaz informs him that the three had talked about this last October when they were “very drunk” while on vacation in Curaçao. “Fortunately, I can’t remember that anymore,” said Melo, who reassured the fans: “But no, you don’t have to expect anything at the moment. The agreements are not that clear anymore.” Gerlach himself said the following on this subject: “It is not strange that we have more ambitions, but we have been working for only three years and look where we are already. I am still quite satisfied.

Insiders already knew Karel from Maan and Goldband was a group, but at Qmusic’s show the lovebirds confirmed it once again.

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