Disney raises the price of a Disney+ subscription to 11 euros per month in November – Image and Audio – News

Videoland and NLziet are different, I own both.

NLZiet is more about being able to watch programmes/series/movies previously broadcast on TV, watch live TV, or watch some programmes/series before TV.

Just like Netflix, Videoland also has a library of series/movies that cannot be watched on NLZiet or TV. A number of TV shows happen to end up on Videoland.
Videoland has a different proposition than other streaming services, and has deals only allowed on Videoland. Unfortunately, I have witnessed several times where I had Seasons 1 and 2 of the series on Netflix, but Seasons 3 and 4 on Videoland (that was a while ago).

According to Tweakers’ previous post, there are 1.2 million members in Videoland.
So just because no one at work/family has it doesn’t mean no one has it.

I have several streaming services myself, but have noticed that it depends on each family member watching the following:
– Netflix (especially me)
-Videoland (especially my wife, but I liked Mocro Mafia too)
– NLZiet (only my wife, so I can watch everything on my own time, not on TV times)
– Disney+ (especially kids, I’m a bit of a kid)
– HBO Max (especially me)
-Amazon Prime (especially me)
-SkyShowTime (especially me)

And yes, many services, but there is something to be seen everywhere, but especially with several family members, everyone is watching something.
I’ve noticed that regular TV is rarely watched, we also have the lowest basic subscription, but it wouldn’t really be necessary, but in Ziggo there isn’t much difference between an internet-only subscription and an all-in-one subscription.

I often read negative reviews about Amazon Prime, but when I look at what I get for $2.99 ​​a month, I actually think you shouldn’t be complaining about that amount.

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