Disney+ Raises Prices Hard in the US: Also in the Netherlands?

Disney+ Raises Prices Hard in the US: Also in the Netherlands?

Disney+ users in the US will pay $11 per month for Disney+ instead of the current subscription price of $8. Those who still want to keep the current price can check the ads from now on. Prices are also expected to rise in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Disney+ is getting expensive

The ‘mouse’s house’ will cost more. In America Disney+ announces Users now have to pay more every month to use the streaming service. The current price is $8 per month, but only with an ad-serving subscription. The new prices are valid from December 8.

At the moment, the price increase only applies in the US, but the change is likely to come to the Netherlands and Belgium as well. Rumors previously said that Disney+ will announce its subscription with advertising in the US this year and that it will be announced in 2023. In other countries They exist.

Disney+ is now ad-free Disney+ will soon be ad-free With Disney+ advertising
United States price

$8 p/m or $80 p/y

$11 p/m or $110 p/y

$8 p/m or $80 p/y

Price Netherlands and Belgium

8.99 euro p/m or 89.90 euro p/y



Unlike Netflix

At first I thought it was an advertised formula will be cheaper More than current prices, but nothing could be further from the truth. Competitor Netflix has recently proposed a subscription with ads in the US and some European countries, which is key A cheap one change. Netflix made it clear that the company wants to reach a wider target group with an affordable subscription.

It is not known when the Disney+ price change will reach the Netherlands and Belgium. If you want to avoid price hikes, you can opt for an annual subscription. Want to opt for an ad-supported subscription to Disney+? Maybe you’ll compare Disney+ to the competition again? Let us know in the comments.

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