Dishonored Creator’s Co-op Redfall Releases May 2nd on Xbox and PC – Games – News

Arkane Studios revealed the release date for Redfall during the Xbox Developer_Direct presentation. The co-op shooter for up to four players will launch on May 2 for PC and Xbox Series X and S.

Arkane appears during the Developer_Direct live broadcast Ten minutes of new gameplay footage from redfall. For example, creator Dishonored features a story mission where players have to collect a lamp to restart a lighthouse. This includes details about the types of vampires in the game, including a “shroud” that can obscure the environment in darkness.

The footage also shows vampire nests that the developer says change each time they are entered, and a side mission in which players must free a brewery that has been taken over by cult members who want to sacrifice residents to the vampires in Redfall Village. According to Arkane, players can choose different play styles in the game, just like previous titles Dishonored and Deathloop.

Arkane announced Redfall during E3 in 2021. In the game, players are stranded on the village of Redfall Island in the US state of Massachusetts. The village is attacked by vampires, after which they seal off the island, blocking all sunlight. The game will consist of four characters, each with different characteristics. The game can be played with up to four players. And Arkan confirmed earlier that it is also possible to play the game alone, as the open world match was initially planned for the summer of last year, but it was postponed to this year.

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