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Discord will allow users to set unique usernames, so using a four-digit token is no longer necessary. Discord chooses this because it says it’s becoming very difficult for users to remember and share their names.

In addition to the fact that users all have to come up with a unique username, case sensitivity is also given up. The new username can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and two special characters. In addition, users can enter a screen name, just as with Twitter, for example. The latter does not have to be unique and follow special rules. Users are always allowed to change their screen name.

‘in the coming weeks’ Obtain Discord users have the option to choose their new username. Users who have been registered the longest will be given the opportunity to change their name first. The transition period lasts several months. The default screen name is the name of the current user, minus the four-digit code at the end. By the way, the original username including the four-digit code is still an alias. This means that users can still be found by searching for that name.

Discord initially chose to allow users to use almost any username, regardless of whether it was already in use, because the app was then mainly used for friends to chat with each other in a shared server. When Discord moved away from that, four numbers were added to the end of each username, the so-called “discriminator,” to distinguish the same names from one another. However, according to the social media outlet, this made it very difficult to find users. Discord says that nearly half of friend requests fail because of entering the wrong username, and the company wanted to come up with a solution for that.

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