Discord allows all users to choose a new name

Discord allows all users to choose a new name

Discord started as a chat service for gamers and has grown exponentially in recent years. From figures from a market researcher statistics It turns out that the app has about 154 million active users.

When you have to come up with a unique username on sites like Twitter, Discord has come up with a system to make that less necessary. Behind each name is a string of unique numbers for your account. This theoretically allowed thousands of people to use the name you chose.


The creators of Discord noted that many users found this system unnecessarily complicated. They found it hard to find and add their friends in the app, because they suddenly had to take all kinds of numbers into account. Statistics show that half of friend requests fail because people fail to find the right person.

That’s why the app works now Until now Implement unique numeric usernames. These new usernames will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Users with older accounts will be given the option to register the desired name first, and newer accounts will be given that option over time.

In addition to new usernames, Discord also sticks to what’s called a “display name.” This is the name that appears in the application and can be modified for each chat server. You can still modify it freely, so that friends can easily see who you are. But on your profile, it will display your new username below, which is necessary for people to find you on the app.

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