direct | In protest against Corona: Leewarden’s restaurant industry will remain open tonight | the interior

direct |  In protest against Corona: Leewarden's restaurant industry will remain open tonight |  the interior

14.48 – Corona protest: The food industry in Leeuwarden will remain open tonight

No less than forty catering establishments will remain open tonight at eight in the morning. They are doing this in protest of the new Corona measures.

Businessmen gathered on Saturday morning to decide what to do. In the end, it was decided to remain open tonight. In protest against the new Corona measures announced yesterday, which will force the catering industry to close at 8 pm, for the next three weeks.

The municipality of Leeuwarden is not satisfied with the measure, said Ton Egger, head of the Leeuwarden department in Koninklijke Horeka Nederland. Egger couldn’t say how many cases were still open. “The number is constantly increasing.”

13.30 – Also busy on Saturday at the call center to schedule a corona test

Still busy at the National Call Center to schedule a corona test. This was reported by GGD GHOR, the umbrella organization for GGDs.

On Friday, 83,817 new testing agreements were signed and more than 83,000 tests were conducted. As of 11 a.m. Saturday, 55,000 people had already tried to call the national phone number 0800-1202. If you do not get an answer, you will be asked to try again later. The line can be called every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

In recent days, the phones in the call center have also been red. For example, more than 100,000 test appointments were taken on Monday and more than 77,000 tests were taken, according to GGD GHOR.

People cannot go to the GGD for a corona test to get, for example, to a sports competition or cultural event. This is done via the Testing for Access website.

11.00 – Modified Sinterclass entrances in the country, protesting the entrance to Breda

Sinterklaas’ national arrival can only be followed on TV this year. He arrived in the Netherlands on Friday. Through a parade, he receives mayors, holy children and his assistants at the Grote Pietenhuis. There are also entrances for saints in other places. In Breda Kick Out, Zwarte Piet protests the presence of Gray Petes.

Last year, there was no national entry due to Corona measures, and there was also a show at the Grote Pietenhuis at the Soestdijk Palace in Baarn.

Several local Sinterclass committees have modified access due to multiple cases of corona. For example, there are special events where adults need a Corona ticket, such as in the port of Scheveningen and at Willemsplein in Rotterdam. Some places have canceled entry, such as Utrecht, Roermond and Volendam.

Although the sooty handkerchief has now been introduced in many places, there is also a protest this year. For example, Kick Out will show Zwarte Piet on Saturday at 10:00 in Breda near Park Valkenberg, where the Sinterklaas party with Gray Petes is taking place. The working group finds this racist and a “fake solution”. However, the input regulation sticks to the gray until unrecognizable.

In Alkmaar, where only soot wipes can be seen this year for the first time, Pegida appears on Saturday afternoon at the entrance before Zwarte Piet. The organization also plans to express its views in Amsterdam on Sunday when Saint Nicholas arrives.

07.50 – More than 5.4 million viewers of the Corona press conference

More than 5.4 million Dutch people watched the press conference on the latest Corona measures on Friday evening. So the broadcast turned out slightly better than the one that took place on November 2, according to a Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO) report. It attracted about five million viewers.

The press conference of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and outgoing Coronavirus Minister Hugo de Jonge was broadcast live as usual on NPO 1, RTL 4 and SBS6. According to SKO, the most viewed is NPO 1 (3586000). 1,469,000 people watched the broadcast on RTL 4 and 361,000 viewers followed it up on SBS6.

Corona’s press conference on NPO1 was the most watched program of the day, followed by The Masked Singer on RTL4. Watched by 2.1 million people.

07.00 – Less than half of visitors are required to have an ID with the passage of Corona

The outgoing Anti-Coronavirus Minister Hugo de Jonge wrote in a letter to the Chamber of Deputies that the control of the Corona entry card leaves much to be desired. For example, a survey shows that less than half of cinema visitors, for example, are required to show identification when showing their Corona card. On average, seven out of ten visitors are required to have an entry ticket.

An identity check is also necessary if someone shows a Corona pass. Fraud is easier without identification. There is now an active trade in fake QR codes, which are often discovered without identity verification. The government consults with sector organizations on how to improve oversight.

The Cabinet wants the Corona Entry Card (CTB) to play a more important role in infection control in the near future. The anti-terror law will be expanded to cover more sectors and employers should also be allowed to ask their employees about it. The Senate and the House of Representatives must first agree to this.

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