Diostato Capello, vice president of Venezuela’s Electoral Council, threatens to launch a campaign against his TV show

Chavismo’s number two, Diostato Cabello has threatened to sue Enrique Marquez, vice president of the National Electoral Council (CNE). Savista was elected by the National Assembly, For initiating an administrative investigation against a state-run channel called Venezuelana de Television (VTV).

The rector of CNE took this step as the head of CNE’s Political Participation and Finance Commission (COFFI). The deputy head of the electoral authority promised he would respond Refers to Cabello’s plan to use public resources and give masochism to promote the candidacy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (SWC).

Tweet from Enrique Marquez
Tweet from Enrique Marquez

Savista told President Marquez to use his position to “sabotage CNE from the inside out”. He added: “I know you. I know how you got to CNI. You wanted to be Julia’s governor.”

Capello was dissatisfied and threatened Marquez: “I did not encourage candidates, Mr. Marquez. Don’t be a liar. Now, how do you sustain it if I have to sue you? Can you say I raised a candidate?”

Savismo’s representative said his threat against Rector was: “Answer me if you like, otherwise keep quiet.”

In his weekly broadcast, Chu’s vice president did not leave episodes against the same Savista AN named officer. Among others, He called him a “liar”, “irresponsible”, “wrong at the right time” He recalled that he was elected by the legislators, not by popular vote.

“The sad thing is, you want to speak on behalf of CNE, you use functions because it has not been consulted with CNE or the Commission (Political Participation and Funding).”Savista leader said.

According to Cabello, Marquez did not consult with other angry members about starting the trial, which he did not submit to a referendum. He promised that other members (CNE chairman, Point Pedro Calcadilla and alternate rector Lionel Barika) would find out about the move through social media.

“It simply came to our notice then You did it because they sent you, maybe someone with the same name“The nominee Cabello could refer to former presidential candidate Henrik Gabriels.

Added it “Its only function is to sabotage the electoral process from the inside … it’s its only function, to start bombing things. It’s called fear. If you do not meet the commission, if you vote, you can not issue statements on behalf of the commission. You went there to ruin e. “, He reiterated.

Report by Enrique Marquez
Report by Enrique Marquez
Part II of the Report by Enrique Marquez
Part II of the Report by Enrique Marquez

Meanwhile, the Socialist leader expressed his sympathy for the presidential election in Peru.

“We salute the Peruvian people, they have spoken out against the trap of all kinds of rights … The Peruvian people have decided on a choice other than the traditional one.”Said Capello.

He criticized candidate Keiko Fujimori for condemning the fraud, once the numbers in his favor were turned upside down.

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