Dino’s Delivery Service wins “award” for worst program of the year | to watch

Dino's Delivery Service wins "award" for worst program of the year |  to watch

NPO Program 1 Dino delivery service It was unanimously voted Worst Program of the Year when presenting TV Knollen, a derivative of De Loden Leeuw and Razzie Awards. TV Knollen is awarded the day before the prestigious Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala for programs that “do not really belong to television”.

“Showcolade was mainly negative in the press,” says the jury, referring to a game show hosted by Omroep Max in which celebrities had to guess whether or not things were made of chocolate. ,,but who Dino delivery service There was no chocolate at all. A stark presenter who really wants Henny ‘Surprise’ Huisman in a very nonsensical formula, managed even to scare off most regular NPO 1 viewers. So Jandino Asporaat won the 2021 TV Knollen Award for Worst TV Show of the Year.

The other contenders were This is what the Netherlands thinks employment car wars Van SBS 6, de pullover From Pound and BNNVaras Click on itBut the jury found these programs “not bad enough”. Also last year, the award went to the NPO 1 programme, hitting contest. This show often attracted less than 300,000 viewers, but Dino delivery service Got less: 246000.

Oeuvre Award for Frank and Roger

Talk show stops Eve It was named Blur of the Year. BNNVara has accessed the program presented by Fidan Ekes and Renzi Klammer, From the sky Replace it with a talk show Khaled and Sophie. According to the jury, this program scored much worse.

The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to the presentation duo Frank Janssen and Roger Smit. “The short-lived success quickly turned into drama and disaster as the two publicly battled over their divorce,” the jury said.

This is the third year in a row that TV Knollen has been awarded. This year’s judging panel is made up of media expert and podcast maker Ron Vergwen, telegraph– Reporter Rob Goossens and talk tubePublisher Richard Otto.

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