“DICE has started in pre-production the next Battlefield game” – Gaming – News

It’s very respectable that they are still trying to make the game attractive by updating the map, but that won’t help as long as they don’t bring players back to the old battlefield.

I realize it’s an investment that needs to be redeemed, but the Battlefield player isn’t waiting for a map update.

When will EA/DICE read what is written? Battlefield players want the real Battlefield back, not 100,000+ weapon customizations or ultra-high resolution maps to play in. They want the bad company or golden fist that was in Battlefield 3 back. Some obvious classes, with a few good weapons, go without the OP FLiR scope. And now it comes…. Host a server yourself in a good gaming host where you have moderators helping you keep playing fun and everyone barking.

We did it perfectly in the old GoTBF3 community and onward BUG. Every evening with over 100 people on TeamSpeak across 3 or 4 servers, just Fragfun fun.

I’ve bought all Battlefields so far a few times in pre-order, even Hardline which was actually a good game but it probably wasn’t called Battlefield until 5…and left 2042 thank goodness.

I’m afraid hosting a server on your own isn’t profitable or contributors find useful, but if it’s not there anymore, I’ll leave the next Battlefield next to me.

So ditch your microtransactions and throw it all into graphic violence (which is also no longer accessible to new players) and reclaim a good old Battlefield with that Battlefield feel from the best EA/DICE.

But hey, I often dream…

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