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It’s a game that legions of Battlefield veterans have been waiting for. Now the gameplay itself has a good foundation, it’s a bit like BF4, and the Battlefield feel is solidly there anyway.

BF1 and 5 were good shooters, but they weren’t Battlefield. Chaos was missing, every match was the same. Same choke points, another army of snipers, vehicles were basically map decorations, if any. Every map felt like I was playing the subway/lockers. I was always shaking at the same points.

2042 was released too early and they made some very strange/wrong decisions which miss the point really bad.

I myself and half of my friends list (although I didn’t check all of them in person) actually spent more hours in 2042 than we had on BF1, and BF1 is the best-selling Battlefield of all time. It’s in my circle, n = 1 of course. The most popular Battlefield game since 4. In 1 I only had 2 or 3 friends playing it regularly, 5 others, but intermittently, there were rarely more friends at the same time. In the year 2042, there are more than 5 friends in the game every night and on the weekend, the number 10+ is tapped.

My friends list hasn’t been this lively since Battlefield 4 and mostly from the BC2, BF3 and BF4 days.

My feeling is it’s a great buggy. 2042 plays great, some content is missing, some balance is somewhat jerky (some break points, for example). But what’s fun.

We can have sex again and have a lot of fun again :Dr Tanks on the roofs, with this hovering vertically, fuck those drones and C4s, no more sniper vs sniper teams, each weapon has its own feel. Tasty!

There is a lot of potential in it, especially thanks to Portal. If DICE can be as successful as they do with the BF4, this could be the best Battlefield ever.

Every Battlefield release is bullshit, it’s a part of it, and it wouldn’t be Battlefield without launch ready.

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